“We need to show and create new heros of our times, those who can guide our young people.” Nursultan Nazarbaev, President of Kazakhstan

Last month, Salem Social Village began a new social venture by opening SalemYouth. The goal is to give teenagers, students and others in that age-group, who are still seeking out their creative and professional futures, a safe and interesting place to come.

“We fully support and share the thoughts of our President about needing to guide young people,” says Arman, Salem’s director. “As a team with active social projects, we decided to create a fun place for the young people of our city where they can make friends, discuss things important to them, play games, drink coffee, and just hang out together!”

“We want to provide an alternative platform, where young people can have quality time together, and not just waste time in bars or night clubs. We really believe that young people are the future of any country! In particular, they have enormous energy and potential which needs to be released and directed into creative and positive channels.”

Starting from January this year, the plan at present is for SalemYouth to take place every Thursday in the Salem Social Cafe, from 4pm till 7pm. What’s more, this new initiative is actually being run by two young volunteers who got excited by the idea and are co-ordinating the whole thing in partnership with the Social Village. Great job everyone!