What we do

Well, put quite simply, we run the Salem Social Village in Shymkent, Kazakhstan. We call our site a Social Village to reflect our non-profit people-focussed vision and the wide range of projects that we run, all of which are working towards the goal of enabling the growth of servant leaders through education, action and community.

What Are Our Projects?

We have five main projects:

  • English Courses – equipping students to discover their role in the world through teaching high quality English courses, including Leadership classes.
  • Training Centre – raising empathy and understanding of global need through simulations and experiential learning, including our AIDS-Xperience installation.
  • Community Care – caring for the needy and helping those ignored by society, whilst teaching others to care about them too.
  • Shipping – distributing quality donated goods, which we continue to receive from Crossroads in Hong Kong, to organisations across Central Asia.
  • Cafe – the social hub of the village, where compassionate community is built, assisted by delicious coffees and cakes(!).

Our projects fit with our mission statement, in that we seek growth through learning (English, Training Centre) and serving (Community Care, Shipping) together (Café).