The Care project (formerly Community Care) was founded by Crossroads about 5 years ago with the goal of helping the disadvantaged within the city. We do this in different ways through simple low cost practical activities that anyone can take part in, whether skilled or unskilled. We want to stimulate community development and social care among local people regardless of what funding or training is available.

Current activities undertaken include:

  • Regular visits to two orphanages providing the children with additional play and stimulation opportunities
  • Regular visits to house-bound or infirm elderly people to assist them with aspects of their daily life
  • Social events to enable disadvantaged families to take part in celebrations
  • Donations of small-scale material assistance to those in need

We are developing a volunteer programme as part of this project to inspire our students about how they can play a part in tackling global issues through volunteering with us and other partner organisations in the city. This aspect of the project is a key part of our vision to not only provide simple solutions but to train many others to do so too.