Training Centre

Our Training Centre project was originally founded by Crossroads as the Life Xperience project, which has successfully pioneered this experiential learning approach in Hong Kong to raise understanding and awareness of global issues. It is based on an old African proverb, which says, ‘To understand a man, you must walk a mile in his shoes.’ We run simulations that bring to life the realities of the issues that many millions around the globe face every day, educating and raising empathy among participants regarding the realities of poverty, AIDS and other global issues.

AIDS Xperience

In April 2013 the signature AIDS-Xperience installation was opened. This is a unique learning experience in which participants walk through the story of someone at risk of HIV/AIDS infection. Wearing headphones to listen to their story and passing through various rooms that represent different scenes in their story, they get the chance to experience the realities of those who live with HIV/AIDS.

Struggle for Survival

In this simulation game, participants enter the life of someone living in poverty. The game gives people a window into the grim realities of poverty, such as the pressures on children to work, and reflects on some of the injustices that can arise out of a lack of control over their situation. Participants experience some of the ways that power and wealth are distributed to benefit some and disadvantage others. Many of the people who experience this simulation leave with a greater understanding of the realities of poverty and a new empathy for those trapped by it.